2017 Stormwater Victoria Conference

Invitation to Attend

Following on from the Call for Action delivered at the Stormwater 2016 National Conference held in Surfers Paradise in August, 2016, Stormwater Victoria would like to invite participants in the Victorian urban water management industry to attend the 2017 Stormwater Victoria State Conference - Time for a Watershed?

  • Why do we wait for a crisis to take affirmative action?
  • Is our action enough to make a difference?
  • Can we continue doing what we’ve always done?
  • Are there better alternatives, and what are these?

When facing uncertainties like population growth and climate change it is possible to become paralysed by indecision or to rely on the "security" of groupthink to provide a solution. This can have serious long term implications for the environments we manage, particularly when it stifles innovation. Challenging the status quo allows practitioners to improve on the established best practices. Questioning provides a deeper and wider understanding of the problem faced, encourages new ideas and fosters collaborative problem solving.

While asking questions can be confronting it is vitally important for the continued growth and development of our industry. According to a 2013 Forbes study, asking the right question can increase the odds of someone's work having a positive effect on others by a factor of 4.1; make the outcome 3.1 times more likely to be deemed important; increase passion in the activity by 2.8 times, and is 2.7 times more likely to make a positive impact on the organisation's bottom line.

A fundamental part of the questioning process is out personal understanding of an issue. Baselines are used as a starting point to measure performance but if we use only our experience to set the baseline then we may be working with a "shifted baseline", one that is significantly removed from the original norm. This can be a good thing when considering issues such as the number of road fatalities per registered vehicles, where we demand continual improvement. However, when dealing with environmental changes that occurs over multiple generations, shifted baselines can be dangerously misleading.

This Conference aims to highlight what is being done now to provide a better future, and to uncover new ideas and technologies, and reflect on the current situation. It will be an opportunity for delegates to share knowledge, listen to their peers, and engage in honest discussion with a view to providing a beneficial and meaningful change to the environment that is entrusted to our care.

Can you afford not to be at the event that will be a watershed moment for the Victorian Stormwater Industry?

Ann Pugh
Conference Chair
2017 Stormwater Victoria Conference




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