2018 Stormwater Victoria Conference
WEDNESDAY 6TH – FRIDAY 8TH June, 2018 | sheraton melbourne hotel, VICTORIA
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Conference Program

On behalf of the Conference Organising Committee, we are delighted to announce the release the 2018 Stormwater Victoria Conference Program.

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Conference Program: Wednesday 6th June

8.00 am

Conference Registration
9.00 am

Welcome to Delegates

Andrew Thomas
Conference Chair, Stormwater Victoria

9.05 am
Opening Address

Chris Beardshaw
President, Stormwater Victoria

9.15 am

Keynote Presentation

Leadership to Deliver Water Sensitive Communities: The Case for a New Mindset

Dr Andre Taylor
Leadership Specialist and Facilitator, International WaterCentre, University of New South Wales Business School and Monash University

10.00 am Keynote Presentation

Retrosuburbia: A Bottom Up Alternative Pathway to Water Sensitive Communities

David Holmgren
Permaculture Co-Originator, Holmgren Design
10.45 am Morning Tea and Trade Exhibition Visits

11.15 am -
11.45 am

Water-Sensitive Communities – Understanding Context and Enabling Collaboration

Ross Allen, Ross Allen Consulting

Stormwater Pollution Management: Measuring Performance

Andrew Grant, Melbourne Water

Street Tree Planting and WSUD to Increase Tree Growth and Stormwater Treatment: A Street Experiment

Vaughn Grey, Moreland City Council
11.50 am -
12.20 pm

An Integrated Water Management Approach for the Monash National Employment Cluster

Rianda Mills, Water Technology and Chris Tancheff, South East Water

Flood Mapping Consultation – A Tale of Two Cities

Stephen D’Agata, City of Boroondara

Systems Analysis and Macroeconomic History Reveals Relative Progress Toward Water Sensitive Cities

Professor Peter J Coombes, Urban Water Solutions

12.20 pm

Lunch and Trade Exhibition Visits
1.20 pm -
1.50 pm

IWM in Practice: Lessons and Learnings from Enhancing Our Dandenong Creek Program

Sarah Watkins, Melbourne Water

Kingston Stormwater Quality in-lieu Contribution Scheme

Dr Jeremy Cheesman, Marsden Jacob Associates and Andrea Skraba, Kingston City Council


Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) Examples Supporting Integrated Water Management (IWM) across Australia and New Zealand

Russell Martin and Emma Hendy, Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec

1.55 pm -
2.25 pm

Embracing Collaboration for Better Solutions – A Case Study for Flood Mitigation in Arden-Macaulay

Penny Ball, City of Melbourne

Economic Assessment of the Ballarat Integrated Water Management Plan

Kym Whiteoak, RMCG

Corridors of Concrete: The Benefits of Naturalising Urban Streams Across Melbourne

Jonathan Ho, Alluvium Consulting
2.30 pm -
3.00 pm

Ballarat City Integrated Water Management Plan: Collaborating to Drive Real Community Outcomes

Celeste Morgan, E2DesignLab and John Frdelja, Central Highlands Water

Melbourne Water's Healthy Waterways Strategy Refresh

Daniel Besley, Regional Waterways Strategy

A New Method for Protecting Urbanising Waterways: Urban Streamflow Impact Assessment

Dr Geoff Vietz, Streamology Pty Ltd

3.00 pm

Afternoon Tea and Trade Exhibition Visits

3.30 pm -
4.00 pm

Proactively Maintaining and Renewing Casey’s WSUD Assets

Nausheen Obaid and Daniel Fokkens, City of Casey

Innovative Wastewater Management Solutions

Peter O’Brien, Mornington Peninsula Shire and Jon Theobald, South East Water


Dobson Creek Disconnection Project Evaluation

Matthew Potter, Knox City Council

4.05 pm -
4.35 pm

Permeable Pavement – What’s the Concrete Evidence?

Candace Jordan, City of Melbourne and Dr Dale Browne, E2DesignLab

Better Best Practice Notes – Stormwater and Beyond

Sheridan Blunt, Loci Environment & Place Inc.

Passively Irrigated Street Trees: Leaping the Hype Cycle

Gary Walsh, E2DesignLab

4.40 pm -
5.10 pm

ARR – Industry Discussion          

Following the Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR) 2016 Breakfast Seminar in May, the seminar showed that the industry is in need of interpretations of the information within ARR16. This informal discussion we help shape Stormwater Victoria’s response to both Engineer’s Australia and the broader industry. It is hoped an industry response can be formed that may help us in our day to day interactions.

Facilitator: Chris Beardshaw, President, Stormwater Victoria

7.00 pm -
11.00 pm

Stormwater Victoria Awards for Excellence Dinner

Conference Program: Thursday 7th June

8.00 am

Conference Registration
9.00 am Welcome to Day 2
Elizabeth Smolinska
Conference Committee Member, Stormwater Victoria

9.10 am

Keynote Presentation
Water Sensitive Communities Driving Change – The Yarra River Protection Act

Councillor Amanda Stone
Yarra City Council

10.00 am

Stormwater Victoria - Open Forum

Grant Fenton, The Yarra Strategic Team
Rosemary Hancock, Municipal Association of Victoria

10.45 am Morning Tea and Trade Exhibition Visits

11.15 am -
11.45 am

Intelligent Networks and Digital Realities – Exploring a Geospatial Data and Analytics Future

Peter Terrett, Rapidmap

Are Planning Controls the Best Approach to WSUD on Private Land?

Sheridan Blunt, Loci Environment & Place Inc.

Stormwater and Urban Habitat Restoration

Jonathon Mclean, Alluvium

11.50 am -
12.20 pm

On-site Stormwater Detention – A Standardised Approach?

Stephen D’Agata, City of Boroondara

The Importance of Council Guidelines in Creating Water Sensitive Communities

Stephanie Milankovic, Arup

Selecting Tree Species to Improve Runoff Retention by Biofiltration Systems

Dr Chris Szota, The University of Melbourne

12.25 pm

Lunch and Trade Exhibition Visits
2.30 pm - 3.00 pm
1.20 pm -
1.50 pm

The Influence of Stormwater Infiltration on Groundwater Pollutant Transport

Amir Behroozi, University of Melbourne

Building a Water Sensitive Municipality @ Moreland

Vaughn Grey¸ Moreland City Council

Fairbairn Park Pavilion Project: The Design and Construction of a Hydraulically “Disconnected” Drainage System

Nick Andrewes, Engeny Water Management

1.55 pm -
2.25 pm

Embedding Successful WSUD Asset Management Practices

Jamie Comley, Jamie Comley Consulting

Greening the Greyfields – A Pilot Study for Melbourne

Scott Dunn, Engeny Water Management

Retrofitting Tree-based Infiltration Trenches to Support Stormwater Reduction and Street Tree Transpiration

Jasmine Thom, University of Melbourne

2.30 pm -
3.00 pm

From Little Things, Big Errors May Grow – A Look at the Importance of QA

Peter Woodman and Rushiru Kanakaratne, GHD


Managing Pollution in Stormwater Networks – A Decision Support Tool

Stephen Marshall, Bio2Lab

Stormwater Harvesting Storage Management to Achieve Sustainable Landscapes at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne Gardens

Geoff Connellan, G&M Connellan Consultants and Peter Symes, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

3.00 pm

Afternoon Tea and Trade Exhibition Visits

3.30 pm -
4.00 pm

Soil Moisture Recharge to Maximise the Benefits of Stormwater Harvesting Systems?

Kate Berg, City of Melbourne

Strategic Investment in Runoff Management Through Spatial Decision Support Tools

Birgit Jordan and Bronwen Hutchinson, Melbourne Water

Urban Stream Restoration for Ecology and Community – The Upper Stony Creek Story

Stuart Cleven, Alluvium Consulting Australia and Glenn Berrill, Thompson Berrill Landscape Design

4.05 pm -
4.35 pm

Coomoora Road Reserve Stormwater Harvesting Project

Hugh Williamson, Optimal Stormwater

Are We Serious About Integrated Water Management?

Leigh Holmes, Spiire

Sediment-sensitive Stormwater Management: Understanding the Urban Coarse Sediment Regime to Prevent Stream Degradation

Kathy Russell, University of Melbourne

4:40 pm

Conference Acknowledgements, Thanks and Prize Draw

Close of 2018 Stormwater Victoria Conference
Ann Pugh
Conference Chair, Stormwater Victoria

*Please note: Program content and format may be subject to change.

Conference Secretariat


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